Read some of the reviews from those who attended The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Project Conferences 2015:
The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Project Conferences 2015
June 13, 2015 - Atlanta, Georgia
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I liked the information, especially that it was backed by statistics. I liked how Ms. Wilson tied the statistics together and explained what they meant in relations to the future of African American and Hispanic people as a community and as individuals. 
The information and statistics...and how the African American family is on a fast decline as well as such a small percentage of children are living in 2 parent homes.


​I also loved the visual aids....they're much needed especially when we're speaking to the young people. 
​I enjoyed networking with others who have a passion for abstinence. Secondly, I appreciate the full training materials, the book, outreach and marketing documents that were given for providing a workshop for participants at churches. This information was priceless and worth attending the conference. All speakers were excellent and I especially liked hearing the Latino perspective of culture and abstinence. Finally, I think that the priest gave an excellent overview of the sexual revolution and how it has caused society to view love, intimacy and sex. 
​I was able to see the passion that Ms. Wilson possessed for the project and appreciate her doing this for the Christian community.
​I left this conference with renewed hope and enthusiasm for abstinence training. I see now how important this information is and what far reaching effects promiscuity has on our whole society. I feel much more equipped to provide this instruction to our clients and have a better understanding of the predisposing factors. I absolutely love the abstinence handbook which was provided to me. Kim Wilson does a great job of presenting this information. I like how she always keeps the focus on our blessed Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. Father Atem was very informative, the venue was a very beautiful, relaxing place to be. 
Being around people that genuinely Love the Word of the Lord.
​The history. Loretta Johnson was an amazing lady. I loved Kim Wilson's presentation. It was very informative. The content of the training resources were excellent. I feel better equipped to talk about this subject. It is Biblical. 
​The information Kim Wilson shared was based on research and on the Word of God.